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Rainy day beauties June 18, 2009

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It has been raining here for weeks.  I have been noticing how normally grey sidewalks and slate roofs become multi-colored, dark, and sleek.

I was inspired to daydream about pretties in pewter, and grey.  An Etsy search with those colors brought the following:

felt pebbles


Aren’t these felt pebbles charming?  For a casual winter wedding, I can imagine them scattered along table-tops, serving as cozy keepsake favors.  From Kneek.


grey pearls


This necklace from Clean Break is extraordinary, and not too frilly.  I imagine it with a V-necked oyster colored gown, very subtle and luminous.


grey wrap


Speaking of breathtaking, look at this darling little wrap.  I love the ruffles, and the lace detailing at the sleeve.  I’d love this over a simple black or grey dress for a party or rehearsal dinner.  From Mary and Angelika.


garden necklace


This necklace looks like it might have been found at the bottom of an old trunk full of books and maps.  From Pole Star.


sol ring


And this incredible ring is both sophisticated, and somehow organic looking.  From Moon Faces.


pewter spring blazer


Finally, this velveteen blazer from Bonzie has so many of my favorite things: velvet, trim, lace, hand-made flowers, and look at the beautiful button!  Perhaps perfect for the morning-after breakfast, with tousled curly hair piled high?


Who knew the never-ending rain could be so inspirational?


Things to Do in St. Louis: St. Louis Art Museum March 7, 2009

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Changing the date of our wedding, from July to January, changes a lot of things. Stephanie, of course, is far more competent to articulate the stylistic changes that will happen, now that we have a winter wedding. I think for me, it makes my twill Argyle jacket more of a winner, but that is about the extent of it. But then, if I am looking for what to recommend to the out of town visitors coming in for the wedding, the season makes a bigger difference. Ted Drewe’s is less of a destination in the bleak midwinter. Here’s a place that is dear to Stephanie and I, the St. Louis Art Museum.


SLAM was a place both Stephanie and I loved when we first met, and we went there together many times. Like many St. Louis museums, it is free for the permanent collection, and has a really nice and diverse collection. Both Stephanie and I really like the contemporary sculpture The Breaking of the Vessels,which is in one of the main atria, but my favorite piece was a Japanese screen in the Asian gallery, which I used to go an look at on evenings when I was stressed from work. It rotates in and out with other large Japanese works, and hasn’t been there the last few times I have gone, unfortunately.


One of the things about SLAM in the winter is that Art Hill, which rolls down from the museum to the pond with the fountain, is one of the popular sledding hills in the city. I haven’t been, but it was always one of those things I wish I had done in the city.


Inspiration: pewter March 1, 2009

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I described before how we’re hoping to use old pewter containers (as yet unfound) in the entry-way of our wedding reception room.  I’m crazy about the unshiny lustre of pewter.  It’s elegant, but not flashy, old-fashioned, but not ugly, and mutes the colors of flowers in a most romantic way.




Notice that a monochromatic bundle of flowers like this can be picked up in a grocery store for just a little– but they look amazing in this gorgeous container.





I never thought of using fir boughs on a table!  How lovely and perfect for a winter wedding!  I don’t think pine boughs are expensive that time of year, and I know a lot of youth and student groups sell them for fundraisers.  And, the wedding is _after_ Christmas, so perhaps we could pick up several swaths for a good price.  Fir, pewter, candlelight…  remaining inspired!


At the beginning of a New Year January 31, 2009

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We’ve been thinking for a long while that we would need to move our wedding back from this summer into next winter, for a number of reasons. It became my unofficial task to make the formal announcement, and I have been dithering, since part of the delay has been wanting to make sure we can do this wedding safely, on our own terms, with our own money (for the most part). Well, I just got my first full-salaried paycheck, after dealing with the dreadful bureaucracy of the New York State Education Department for a year-and-a-half. So, I am feeling bold enough to say: our new wedding date is January 2, 2010.


What does this mean? It means that my knees will likely be cold, and I will definitely be wearing a twill jacket, for any outdoor photographs. According to the almanac, the average high temperature on a January 2nd in St. Louis is 38°, and the average low temperature is 22°. It means that we will be spending our Christmas with our families and friends in the St. Louis area, with the holiday drifting into our wedding preparations. Hopefully it will not mean major inconveniences for our guests, scheduling their holidays and travel for our wedding.


I was recently made aware that the tradition with weddings was to have them begin at the half-hour, so that the new married life together would begin with the minute hand of the clock on the upswing. Well, we’re going to have our whole first married year on the upswing of the new year. It is an invigorating prospect. It seems like songs like “This Will Be Our Year” might have increased prominence in our wedding…


Winter weddings December 30, 2008

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We’re officially in the process of moving our Summer 2009 wedding date back into Winter 2009 territory. We’re awaiting word from the church, and from the reception venue.  Hopefully, we can announce a new date soon.  And enjoy looking forward to the summer to settle in (if need be) to a new location, and looking forward to next fall for really focusing on getting ready for the wedding.

Images that caught my eye this morning, as I meandered around looking for inspiring winter whites:


This is a photograph from 1939– it really has nothing to do with winter, per se, but I love the formality.  And how unstoppable the bride looks.

From the wedding blog of Olivier Lalin.


Oh, veil.  How wonderful are the voluminousness and layering here?

From Wedding by Design.


I don’t think my church would let us do this, but I’m a-gog all the same.  What an easy way to create breathtaking-ness!  I’ve actually used this idea before, for lots of parties.  Once I made tiny branches as invitations, from old branches I found in a friend’s backyard.  I glued tiny paper leaves, and the party information was on a scrolled piece of paper that wound along the tree trunk.  Invitees each received a box, with a tiny tree inside.  I love branches– Matt often bemoans the giant one I have propped on top of  one of our bookcases in our entryway.  He claims it bumps into him. I claim it looks fabulous.



And finally, how jaw-droppingly gorgeous is this wedding photograph?!  Just amazing.

From the Wedding Gallery of the View Point Inn.


Winter wonderland December 16, 2008

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It is snowing here– fat, dreamy flakes skirt their way down.  My delight at the snow, coupled with the possibility of a winter wedding, has me daydreaming in creams, ivories, and winter whites.

First of all– _look_ at these dresses.  My co-workers have heard me say countless times that I want to look like a confection on my wedding day.  These dresses absolutely channel froths of meringue and lighter-than-air spun sugar.


I love how each lower tier seems to have been dipped in glitter.



Oooh, this might be my favorite.  I could float on the skirt of this dress.  (I just wish that model had a bit more body on her shoulders, they’re a bit eerie.)



This one looks like it’s made of paper, light as feathers.  I love this veil, a simple layer of translucence  over the intricate ruffles.

(All three are Monique Lhuillier via Brooklyn Bride)


Now… cakes:


This cake looks like fine china, or a shadow left by the Ice Princess.  It’s slightly to prim for me, but I still like it.



Now _this_ is my kind of cake: more is more– frothiness, endless bits of buttercream, the cake overflowing its own stand.  In fact, it looks like the bottom of a gown I might like.


All white flowers, to finish things off:


I love this bouquet because it’s entirely made of carnations, the most inexpensive flower and often seen as too “cheap” to be included in wedding bouquets. But how gorgeous is it here?  I could make this bouquet, I think.  The black is uber-elegant, but I’d like the ribbon more in pink or purple, to soften it.

(Cakes and bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings.)