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Big hair January 5, 2009

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I got my hair cut over Christmas break; it occurred to me that this might be the last time I get it cut before the wedding.  And since I was with my sister the aesthetician, I of course began asking about hair extensions, volume, and how to make hair “big.”


I can already anticipate some of my bridespeople trying to talk me down from this (Jodut), but we so rarely have the chance to wear ball gowns, and bejewel our hair, these days.  A tight, clean chignon?  No, thank you.  A “bridal ponytail”?  Oh, no.  I don’t even wear a ponytail on _normal_ days.  For the wedding day, I want huge, Victorian, voluminous hair.  I’m thinking Keira Knightley in any of her period pieces, John Singer Sargent ladies, and women immortalized in Grecian statuary.



This hairstyle is wonderful… although, I might like it even a little bigger in the back.  



This is a pretty nice contemporary version– I like the falling-apartness of it.




Yes– this is very, very pretty.




A real Victorian!  Look at the height on her hair!  And look at her curves and creamy skin.  I love the delicate strap of her dress.  And isn’t she absolutely aware of how splendid she is?!




Another Victorian– I like that the curls are a bit out-of-control.


I think that I’ve described the way I want my flowers to be– lush, heavy, unbound, and very undone.  I think this also could describe my ideal hairstyle…but of course for the hair, it will have to be a little bit “done” to avoid falling apart over a long day.  

My dress does not have a full skirt, but does have elaborate beading; I think that because the form of the dress is relatively straight, my hair can be more full.  And, because the beading is ornate, my hair also can be.  Finally, my veil is cathedral length–I’m not sure yet where it will fit into all of this hair, but I’m sure we’ll find a way.

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