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Winter forecast ahead? December 11, 2008

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Okay, friends and family, hang on to your hats– we’ve been thinking, and there might be a change in plans.

I currently am applying to PhD programs…hopefully, and in best case scenario, we will stay here.  Same place, same lovely apartment, same jobs and group of wonderful friends.  But– I’m also applying, for example, at Notre Dame, at a school in DC, and at the University of Aberdeen.  Scotland.  Scotland!

Which is great, exciting, fabulous.  The more we think about it, though, the more we worry that this summer might hold a major (and expensive) move.  Our wedding savings is going well, but even traveling to St. Louis and staying there is a little extra expense, and moving could really stretch our budget.  What if we need to move, and then do the wedding long-distance from wherever _that_ place is?  It’s worrisome.

I tentatively floated the idea of: What if we pushed it back into the winter, not the summer, of next year?  We have mixed feelings.  We’re ready, eager, and excited.  But the unknown causes a lot of stress, and the idea of having it in the winter instead of the summer is a huge relief– it means that we can settle into a possibly new location, job/program, and abode, and settle down before the traveling to our wedding.  It means not worrying about having all the funds and savings we’d like to have for the wedding.  And it means resting and really looking forward to it.

We haven’t made any sure plans in that direction– I haven’t contacted the church or any of our vendors.  But in our minds– we’re leaning in that direction.

Potential complicating factors: we have another close family wedding in October–what if they’re very comfortable getting married after us?  Is it a terrible feeling to be going “first”?  I have several girlfriends having new babies or thinking about new babies– does this ruin their plans or create stress?  Will everyone be disappointed in us?

Of course, as my dad put it, “It’s _so_ hot in St. Louis in July.”  I can imagine a winter wedding with even more candles that I’d been planning before, and cozy cookies for favors (maybe Christmas ornaments for favors?), and greenery everywhere.  We could even go back to the original inspiration: my green ring, and not fear a red kilt and dark green color scheme.  And finally, if Lady Aisla Rose is toddling by winter 2009, wouldn’t she be the loveliest escort for a groomsman ever?

Any thoughts?  Reassurances?  Ideas?