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Oh, loveliness September 24, 2008

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As I’ve written before, my ideas for wedding flowers, decorations, and general sensibilities lean toward the overblown and old-fashioned.  My anti-bouquet would be a tightly packed sphere of single-colored gerbera daisies.  Too modern, too simple, too monochromatic.


(a little inspiration board I just whipped up)

in contrast with this:

(Pretty, but not me.)



Well–happy day for me when I found Seeking Everyday Beauty and her corresponding shop, One Hundred Wishes.  Smitten!  

Here is ribbon I could use to wrap the bridesmaids’ bouquets:

Here are velveteen flowers I could add anywhere (hair, bouquets, guestbook, attached to old-fashioned pocketbooks…)

Here is a bracelet that could re-inspire my whole idea of dress, hair, and accessories:

I mean–this shop includes an ENTIRE category called “Cupcake Trinkets,” with darlings such as:

I’m in loveliness overload.  Vintage china, old jewelry, refashioned pincushions, patterns in pastel, glitter, finery.  I love all of it.  So, while places like the Knot might feature monochromatic weddings, preppy weddings, and modern looks for modern brides, I’ll be returning to Seeking Everyday Beauty for fruit for my brainstorming.


The bridespeople August 6, 2008

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I will have nine bridespeople, if my one last friend says “yes.”  “Bridespeople” because one is a guy, my best friend from college, Nick.  I work with him at VTS, and technically he’s my boss, but there’s also no one better to stand up with my at my wedding.  Well, not quite exactly, “no one.”  Eight others.

After Matt gets all of his people lined up, we’ll do a “Meet the Wedding Folk,” with photos and mini-bios.  For now, though, I’m thinking about what my side should wear.

I had been thinking casual, but my dress makes things a bit more formal.  I don’t want things to be too expensive–my friend J. is spending $700 for a wedding next weekend, including $200 for her bridesmaids dress. That’s too much, especially if people are flying in.

I was happy to find a site that had more affordable dresses.

The dress is shown in brown with white trim, but the website allows you to try out different colors.  I’m really loving the pale pinks, creams, and grays.  I’m going to order some fabric swatches from them and see what it looks like in person.  I did some searching, and it looks like these dresses are around seventy dollars–much more affordable, I think.

In the wedding J. is participating in, the bride chose two colors, and some girls are in each color.  Sometimes brides pick the color, and allow each girl to choose the dress she likes best in that shade (from the same designer.)  Those are interesting ideas.  I wonder what it would be like to pick pale pink and cream, and have the flowers be darker shades of pink, or bright white.

PS: That site allows you to change the colors and immediately the photo changes, instant-gratification.  It’s a great procrastination fun-tool.


Revised color palette July 14, 2008

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Since the dress is pale, creamy, and understated, I’m looking and dreaming of colors and flowers that are less bright, and more soft.  Three new palettes:





(all inspiration boards from Style Me Pretty)


The Dress.

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I think I found it.  With Lynette and my future baby niece by my side–what a wonderful day.


Belchertown Bridal, in Palmer, Mass.–the interiors are all green, like my ring.  The owner was amazing–her nametag reads “Your fairy godmother,” and I recommend her and the shop to anyone.  It was a very low-key, relaxed, and fun experience.  We gathered as many gowns as appealed to us.  It was so much fun hearing the crinolines and taffeta rustle, and feeling the weight of the dress fall over my head.


I chose elaborate gowns.  I like ornamentation, full skirts, beading, and even color.  My dream would be like to look like a portrait of a lady in the European rooms in the Metropolitan Museum.  Or a John Singer Sargeant subject.  Lynette chose simpler ones, and I was often surprised at how I liked them as well.


After I had tried all of our picks on, Kathy asked if she could choose a few for me to try.  Of course!  She brought two that hadn’t appealed to me at all on the hangers, but they were _perfect_ on.  Two that she brought ended up being my number one and number two favorites.  The one I loved the most I tried on three times–and Kathy was gracious and helpful each time.  Little Aisla was perfectly well-behaved, and sweetly looked up from eating when the rustling from the dresses distracted her.  And Lynette was the best “guide”–she gave comments, helpful suggestions, and was as happy and as excited as me.


The third time I put on The Dress, Kathy started bringing veils, and tiaras.  I don’t think I want a veil, and I didn’t think I wanted a tiara…but it was so beautiful on my head!  I didn’t want to take it off.


I’m not going to post a photo of The Dress, mostly because it looks very, very different in the photograph Kathy photocopied for me from the catalogue.  In the catalogue image, the model is very tan, and the dress is ice-white.  In real life, on me, I am very pale and the dress is ivory/champagne.  It’s such a different effect that it doesn’t even look like the same dress.


I will say that it reminds me of an Edith Wharton character, or maybe even Emma, from Jane Austen.  It’s not a full skirt in the front, but it comes out a little in the back into a slight train.  The ivory taffeta lays over ivory satin, and this double-fabric effect creates nice depth, and even a subtle bit of shadow.  There are very slight straps, and this keeps it looking more demure than sexy, which I like.  There are thousands of tiny beads, and silver embroidery, all over the dress.  But it isn’t really _sparkly_, just a subtle lightedness and opulence that comes from the beads, clear on ivory.


I think I will still go look at more dresses with my former roommate Jodut, who is also engaged, but I really think this one is it.  I love daydreaming about it, and I can’t wait to wear it again.  I love the way the color and beading look against my skin.


Finally, the fact that I’ve chosen a pretty fancy dress means that I need to rethink what the wedding party might wear.  I had been thinking fairly casual, even simple black dresses.  I don’t think those will look right–black is the wrong feeling next to this delicate-but-rich dress.  I am thinking, as far as colors go, that pewter and pale pink, or pink and champagne and cream (either set off with dark green) might be nice.


Colors May 1, 2008

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Okay: I love colors.  One of the early wedding decisions is apparently: “What are your colors?”  As in: what will be the underlying theme, the color of the bridesmaids dresses, the flowers…

Well, I have _lots_ of color ideas.  I’m inspired by green, a la the ring.  I love love love pink.  I love yellow, and the idea of yellow and green, but also yellow and green and pink together.  With white.  And purple?

One idea would be to have the female members of the bridal party (I also have some male members, which also complicates the color issue) where cute black dresses, in which they would look and feel fabulous.  But black dresses for spring?  And rainbow bouquets?  Hmm.  My floormate Kelsey had a good idea: let them carry white bouquets, and I’ll carry all the colors.

And I loved the idea Matt’s mom had, describing her favorite bridesmaid’s outfit: a skirt, blouse, and cameo–what a great idea, to use beautiful clothes that can be worn again.  Here is an idea for the bridesmaids:

Kicky green party dresses, channeling perhaps Audrey Hepburn in those old romantic comedies?  And a vintage-inspired sweater–because not everyone feels comfortable with bare arms.  Maybe the black button on the sweater could be replaced with antique buttons from a thrift store.  The best part?  Both of these are from Target!  Affordable, wearable, sweet.

Okay: flower colors.  And I love them all.

And I love those flowers, but that gives no easy answer for “What are your colors?”  Can I answer: “All of them?” 

(Clothes from Isaac Mizrahi for Target; flowers from