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My little sister’s wedding! September 6, 2008

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Oh, oh, oh!  The most amazing photos.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Aren’t they beautiful together?  And isn’t the setting dreamy-strange-amazing?

During the ceremony.  I love that someone built an all-white Chapel, with pillows and natural light, in the middle of the desert.


The minister is the Reverend Ludo, a Celtic officiant.


With Katherine and Paul, their witnesses, a lovely couple from the UK.



How beautiful and unique.  I know many, many couples talk about eloping, but I have to say: Jamie and Jeremiah did it right–she has a dress, and it took money to pay for gas to drive to Nevada, but once they were there…it was organic, spontaneous, and true.  The photographs weren’t done by a professional, but they couldn’t be more amazing, and the setting is just unreal.

I’m so proud of her, and thrilled for them.  I can’t wait to see them in person.  Congratulations, Jeremiah and Jamie!