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The sweetest flower girl in the world June 14, 2009

Next week, I will be spending a few days with one of my dearest friends, Amy–she’s my madame du honore, and her lovely daughter Maeve is our flower girl.  While recently unpacking, I came across a photograph of me holding a newborn Maeve Kathleen in the hospital.  And I can distinctly remember making the trip, on the way from class, and how small and perfect she was.  It’s unbelievable that she is know walking and talking, brilliant and school-going.


Given my old-fashioned tastes, it’s no surprise that my favorite flower girl dresses are sweet, simple, and romantic.


Look at this first dress, very simple, but so sweet.  I would only change out the sash so that the ribbon was much, much wider, and much, much, longer.

with brown sash

from Us Angels


This one looks a little tiny bit too prim, but I love the little gloves.  I imagine putting an even more voluminous crinoline underneath, and adding large blooms to the girl’s hair– that would soften the whole look.

with white gloves

also from Us Angels


Now– _look_ at this darling little jacket!  How Jane Austen is this?


from The Briar Patch


Or this?!  I’m totally smitten with this little capelette.

fur capelette

also from The Briar Patch.  I’m so torn between the capelette and the little blue jacket that I want Maeve to have both, for different sets of photos.  Or one for the night before, or something.


Clearly, I’m going gaga over these little frocks.  Look at these two heirloom lace dresses, also from The Briar Patch.

heirloom lace dresses

Perfectly darling, no?  And lovely Maeve has the most amazing golden-red hair.  These muted ivories and whites will make her look like some little faerie right out of a pre-Raphaelite tapestry.


Just one more– I’m absolutely smitten.  Look:

bridal lace

also from The Briar Patch.


Finally, I must mention Maeve’s little brother, Braden– how blessed are we to also have the most adorable ring bearer!   And how perfectly tiny Mr. Darcy is this?

tiny tux

also from The Briar Patch.  


_And_— what if we had a little vest made out of the Dunbar tartan, to match the groom’s family kilts?  How sweet would that be, peeking out from this perfectly proper suit?


To go with the mullet dress. July 15, 2008

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They are highly-decorated (and uber-tacky) garters that have flasks attached to them.  Hmmm–would my bridal party prefer the rose, the skull, or the miniature tuxedo?