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Photography LOVE: Fresh Art Photography December 23, 2009

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We had some wonderful news last week.  Our plans with our original photographers fell through, and I was wondering if I knew anyone else who did great photography in St. Louis.  I was even thinking we could fly down someone from here in NYC.

Happily, Jodie and Kim from Fresh Art Photography had the day free, and are thrilled to be doing our wedding.  I’d been a fan of Jodie’s work for a while– she’s a talented photographer, artist, and young mother. Her mother is an old friend from Emmanuel who I’ve known for years, and I started following Jodie’s photography blog over a year ago.  I wasn’t sure if they did weddings, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Check out their site and blog for breathtakingly gorgeous, and totally creative photos of babies, families, couples, and some incredible actions shots of the local football team, and more beauty than I can describe.  We are over the moon that they’ll be capturing all of us on the wedding day.


One Response to “Photography LOVE: Fresh Art Photography”

  1. Andrew Says:

    So, your original photographer bagged on you? The photos on the new photographer’s website look sharp and fresh. Interesting that wedding photography isn’t in the foreground. But good portraiture.

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