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25 days December 8, 2009

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1.  We are very thankfully, and happily, under budget.  This is important because being thrifty and responsible with money is important to us.  It’s also important because neither of us has a credit card— and if something happens like the cake catches on fire, or 50 extra people show up, we’ll have to pay for it with money we already have.

2. I’m not stressed out, and neither is Matt.  We’re excited. I feel like it’s my birthday coming up, plus Christmas, plus the best family dinner ever.  Our vendors are amazing, and have worked in our spaces before, and so I don’t feel like I need to tell them anything, or fuss at them about anything. I trust them and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

3. I wish I could slow down this time, to relish it.  I actually don’t think about the wedding that often; mostly I’m thinking about school, my kids, the Journal, and the Christmas pageant. And whether the recycling is out, and if we need milk.  I wish I could just take a few days and look carefully at my dress, and write love notes to all of our guests, and daydream about the food and music.  Alas: life is swirling all around me.

4. We went through the hymnal last night. It was fun choosing our hymns; I enjoyed singing out my favorites to Matt, and hearing him point out ones that he liked.

5. Last on the to-do list: Gift for the ring bearer, finish crafting a few gifts for the bridespeople, make table cards and place cards (and mail with books for the tablescapes to the florist) and make paper flowers.  Students may be helping me with the last one.

6. Our wedding bands arrived yesterday. It was exciting trying them on, and seeing a ring on Matt’s finger.  We ordered them from an amazing jeweler on Etsy. We were noting last night that except for using the Hyatt, and my dress, every piece of our wedding supports a small and local business.  Our cake, our photographers, the brewery, the rings, my bolero, Matt’s jacket and accessories.

7. The bridespeople continue to be amazing, and I know we both feel tingly and excited by how our friends and family are supporting us, and excited for us, in countless ways.  25 days until I can tell everyone how happy I am in person.


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