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Stephanie’s Bridal Shower October 31, 2009

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Where to begin?!  I was overwhelmed with joy, happiness, surprise, and gratitude the entire day.  My girlfriends (with some behind the scenes management from Nick, I suspect) are amazing.  It is an incredible, light-filled experience to walk into a room surrounded by beautiful women of all ages, and to feel their love directed at you.


The beautiful dining room, decorated and laid out with delicacies. And Jennifer, not sure if she wants to be in the photo or not.


I obviously hadn’t expected a cake. And look a bit crazed with enthusiasm for it.

shower 4

shower 3


shower 2


Wish this wasn’t fuzzy– this is an old friend and teaching mentor, Jan.  We have in common Oxford, women of faith, hagiography, teaching…


Okay, I kind of forgot that I had registered for things, and so many times I was completely delighted and surprised. I’d say, “We WANTED this coffee pot!”  And everyone would laugh, as in: “Um we know.”


shower 1

From Matt’s family in Price’s Branch, Great Aunt Dorothy and Great Aunt Imogene (Matt’s Grandfather’s sisters.)


Janet and Nedra–Nedra is Amy’s mom, and a great woman I’ve been blessed to know for years.


My Mom, Vickie, with Matt’s paternal Grandma.


Forgive the fuzziness!  This is Mya, Matt’s cousin-in-law and the most glamourous pregnant lady I know, and her daughter Gaby, and her mother-in-law (Matt’s father’s sister) Aunt Diana.


Another photo of me shocked and delighted by something I apparently registered for and then received.



Mmm, plush new towels.


My Mom, Vickie.



Erin, in front of the cutest pumpkin welcome sign possible.


Erin graced me with a vintage parasol.  LOVE.




Me with Amy, cutting the cake.


Janet, Erin, Amy, and me.


Gaby, me, and my Mom.


Jennifer, Janet, me, Erin, and Amy.



A splash of color from St. Charles– it was a perfect, perfect day.

Later that evening, I went to another party at Amy’s home– it was for couples, and we were joined by her husband, Janet and her husband, Erin and her husband, and my cousin and groomfolk Larry and his wife.  We had wine and delicious food, and told stories that made my sides hurt from laughing.

wine party 1

wine party 2

wine party 3

The day was so much more than I could have imagined, and I will never forget how happy and blessed I felt all day.


One Response to “Stephanie’s Bridal Shower”

  1. Jan Says:

    What a beautiful day and a lovely wedding shower! I am glad I was able to see you so happy and smiling. I hope you continue to enjoy planning your lovely wedding. You will be a beautiful bride. Aren’t weddings fun?

    Love to you and Matt!

    Jan Burroughs

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