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Photography LOVE: Mirah Curzer Photography September 4, 2009

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Long before I met her in person, I had been a huge fan of Mirah Curzer Photography.  In my lucky small world, Mirah is the wife of Josh, with whom I co-founded the inter-religious journal last year.  I first saw her portfolio while they were still in Israel, and looked through it, looking then for images for our website and journal.

And THEN I started noticing her engagement pictures, her wedding shots, her bridal portraits.  She is one talented woman.  A force.  She takes reception shots like no other photographer I’ve yet seen (including the ones I hired for our wedding this winter.)  And I am over the moon that she’s offered to take portraits of me, and of me and Matt together.

Here are some of my recent favorites of hers– but do check out her blog and online portfolio. Every time I look at it, the beauty and immediacy of her photos inspires me and reminds me of how in love I am with Matt.

mc 1

mc 3

mc 4

mc 6

mc 7

mc 8

(All images copyright Mirah Curzer Photography)


2 Responses to “Photography LOVE: Mirah Curzer Photography”

  1. Matt Says:

    This was my favorite photo from her site:

  2. Matt Says:

    Dang, it didn’t go:

    Just click on that.

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