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the Gift Registries August 1, 2009

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First of all, we want to proclaim that we love used, second-hand, and handmade.  I think of all of our furniture, only three of the pieces of furniture were purchased new, and definitely our most beloved things are things given us by others, or found off the beaten path, or picked up years ago for three dollars at a yard sale.

I would love it if someone went into a junk store and found four disparate tea cups, and gave them to us as a set. Or dug out an afghan they haven’t used in years.  Or made us a painting, basket, table runner, or gave us a stack of second-hand cookbooks.  If you know me in real life, you know I love cake stands, serving pieces, and dishes– and the more (mismatched) pattern the better. If you know me or Matt, you know that we can’t get enough old books.  So if you’re feeling creative, thrifty, or nostalgic, please share found things, used things, or dear things from your heart– and thrill us.


To that end, here are a few things we love, from around our house:

basket coasters

This basket was made by Matt’s Aunt Diana– she is gifted, gifted, gifted when it comes to basket-making. I’m certain her larger baskets would sell for several hundred dollars a piece here in NYC.  It’s unbelievable the details and flourishes she can put in them.  She made these little ones as gifts for some of the out-of-town guests to her son Tom’s wedding last summer.  I could search far and wide, and never find a basket as nice as hers, that I could afford.

Matt’s not sure where the coasters came from, but the are hand-made by someone, and were a gift to him from someone.  We use them daily, and I like them so much more than the ones I’ve seen at stores.


old rose plate

I got this old plate more than ten years ago, when my friend Holly had a yard sale– she had a whole box of little trinket-type things, which I bought. It included this plate.  I usually keep it on top of my dresser or vanity, with a doll’s plate on it and odd pieces of jewelry, but I’ve occasionally used it as a serving piece, when I have something very special that would look just right on it.


knit pot holder

This pot-holder/washcloth is one of my favorite things that Matt brought with him from his kitchen.  He doesn’t know where it came from, but thinks maybe one of his grandmothers, or maybe his Mom knitted it. I love the colors, and it _feels_ better than any other pot holder, and it’s also slightly bigger than most. And I just love how homey it looks–another thing we couldn’t get from any store.  It makes our kitchen look so cheerful.


As we wrote before, we are keeping Matt’s parents’ old dishes: the Village Pattern by Pfaltzgraff.  We’re not registering for it formally, but if someone would like to get us some to add to our collection, we’d welcome it.


As for our *wedding china*, we’ve chosen Chirp by Lenox.  I was surprised that Matt liked it, as I think it’s very “Stephanie”: colorful, whimsical, and sweet.  But it’s the pattern we most agreed upon, and so happily added it to our registry.


full set table chirp

Matt took these two photos last weekend at the big, historical Macy’s downtown.  We rode up, up, up the old wooden escalators to get to the fine china section, and found entire tables set with patterns.


We’ve registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Crate & Barrel for most of our wishes, and also for a few extras.  While Macy’s does carry Chirp, Bed, Bath, and Beyond does as well, and we think their prices and customer service are a bit more friendly and accessible.  But don’t be tied down to our registries– we love our guests, and are delighted that you are coming to our wedding, and will be excited by any material things you bless us with, in addition to your presence.


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