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What the ladies will be wearing July 5, 2009

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Empress Carlota and ladies in waiting


As I wrote earlier, we have decided upon Wine and Lapis.  (A rumor from Chicago tells me that Wine is soon to be discontinued for Sangria, but because David’s is a national chain, I’m not worried– if anything, the ladies can get their dresses in Wine on sale.)


Amy made a delightfully useful spreadsheet with each possible dress in item number, along with the colors it comes in (Wine and Lapis, Wine only, or Lapis only), and details, bodice style, and description of the skirt.  She assures me that as people report in on the dresses they’ve purchased, I can fill in their names and have all information in one place.  For shoes, I just told them to choose black ones they liked.

Here are photos of some of their options, in either Wine or Lapis:


Picture 1


Picture 3


Picture 5


Ladies, if you’re reading– remember that you need to order by September, and to remind the consultants that you receive twenty dollars off of your dresses.  And let me know when you’ve chosen!

(photo of Empress Carlota and her ladies in waiting, from here)


2 Responses to “What the ladies will be wearing”

  1. Amanda Says:

    As I was reading this, I remembered our conversation about some of your girls being self-conscious of their arms. With it being a winter wedding now, maybe you could incorporate wraps. I hate wearing them, but I think wraps can add so much to a dress. There are several different ways of using them that allows you to add your own personality. You could have the ladies wear them for reception only or ceremony only or whenever. It would also make an easy bridesmaids’ gift.

    • Maeve's mom Says:

      The dress I chose comes with a wrap. I’m very pleased because I think I’m ok without it, but at least the options there if I want to use it at the reception. I can’t wait to see how lovely we all look in those beautiful dark colors!

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