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The Dress July 3, 2009

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Last Monday, while in St. Louis with my madame du honore, I found the dress.  You might recall that I found another dress last spring, back when the wedding was for this summer.  But with a winter wedding, and a more formal, layered, textured plan for colors and decorations, I thought a different kind of dress might be better.


We arrived at the shop when it opened; we recognized Sue from when we had been there with Erin and Jennifer last summer to try on maids’ dresses.  I had a list of dresses I knew I liked from the website.  While Sue gathered them, Amy and I went back through the maids’ dresses, re-examining colors and considering different combinations.  We still loved lapis, but did we need a neutral to be the second color, or could we have another strong color?  What about truffle (chocolate brown)?


Then, Sue outfitted me with special undergarments and a giant skirt, and I stepped up on the pedestal to “dive” into the gowns.  (Sue always said, “Lift your arms like– dive in towards me.”)


We narrowed it down to two that had features I loved.  And then Sue brought out a new one, with yards of old-fashioned lace trailing and accentuating.  The gown is white, but the lace is a darker ivory.  Perfect.  Within forty minutes, I knew it was the one.


While Amy tried on some more gowns, we encouraged and commented upon a mother-of-a-bride in with her son (a groom) trying on dresses to wear to his wedding.  She was slender, with short blonde hair, and in one of the dresses–a chic, slim black dress–she looked especially fantastic.  When she came out, her son approved, and I couldn’t help but gush, “That looks amazing on you.  You look tres Manhattan chic, like you’ve just come out of an embassy party, being photographed for a magazine.”  We continued to chat, and in the meantime Amy and I discovered that we didn’t need a neutral after all.


While Sue ordered my dress, we spied dresses in wine, and decided that the two dress colors should be wine _and_ lapis.  The mother-of-a-bride asked me an ordering question, and was embarrassed when Sue rushed to tell her, “Oh, she doesn’t work here–she’s a bride!”  I said, “I don’t work here– you really do look amazing in that dress,” and everyone laughed.


Then!  My cousin Larry and his new wife Crystal came in– they had been married the previous weekend, and she was dropping off her dress to be cleaned and boxed.  So I took them around to see and approve the wine and lapis combination, and then to show off my dress.  We heard about their honeymoon, caught up on family gossip, and Crystal offered to lend me their cake cutter and knife.  “It’ll be in the family!” I gushed.  I take it as a good omen that they showed up.


Meanwhile, Sue ordered my dress.  In 15 weeks, it will arrive.  I can’t believe I have a dress.  I wish I could have a snatch of the lace to keep with me.  I suppose I will have it right around my birthday.  I’m not posting a full photo, but here are some detail images of the dress.


Picture 2


Picture 1


Picture 4


Picture 3


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