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Cake Topper April 17, 2009

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We made a visit back to the Midwest for Easter.  While we were at my grandmother’s house, we officially asked her about using the cake topper she has in one of her glass cabinets.


At first, we thought it might be really old, a sort of antique, but in fact it was just from my grandparents’ 50th anniversary cake in 1997. It is still cool, and a part of our theme of honoring our connections with our families, through our wedding.




ETA: Stephanie here– I just add to jump into Matt’s post, because I _love_ this cake topper so much.  I spied it the first time I visited Matt’s grandma, and I have to admit– I made a mental note 🙂  It is so romantic and old-fashioned.  And, because it was used as a topper for a 50th Wedding Anniversary cake, it holds special meaning– a sort of good luck blessing.


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