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Classic beauty March 10, 2009

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I love this old advertisement from Ivory Soap for so many reasons.  First, we don’t have many advertisements nowadays that use drawings or sketches– ads today use “real” women– but they aren’t very real.  The bride in this illustration doesn’t even look like she has any make-up on; this is appropriate, of course, because the ad is for Ivory Soap.  As in, your skin will be so naturally beautiful that you won’t need any make-up.


I also really like the beautiful lettering, and the illustrated roses around the phrase, “The Bride.”  It’s so simple, and old-fashioned.  It makes me think of book labels, or place cards, or personal stationery. 


The greenery and flowers are also lovely– notice that there are fresh flowers on the bride’s veil, and we can see one of the bridesmaids’ bouquets.  The bridesmaids themselves look so sweet, and serene, and are sending the couple off with rice.   And the bride herself– the very picture of calm.


Finally, I really appreciate that the bride and groom are pictured together. Again, in many ads, and all throughout bridal magazines, it’s only about the bride.  Even in Martha Stewart Weddings, which does a great job of showing off the uniqueness and beauty of each couple, there are few photos with the groom, or with the groom as equally pictured as the bride.


I understand that the finery and choices for the bride can be more exciting than those of the groom…and that the consumers of bridal ads are mostly the women themselves.  But I don’t like the idea that it’s all about _me_ on that day, that I’m a fashion plate existing in a one-day fantasy.  I prefer the reality: that Matt and I are sharing a sacrament, with our families and loved ones around us, and _together_ are beautiful and glowing on that day.  Somehow, this old advertisement captures some of that sentiment, in lovely, muted pastels.  Perfect.


One Response to “Classic beauty”

  1. eric Says:

    why do all the bridesmaids look asian, while the bride and the groom look white? not to say that i object to having asian bridesmaids, but the way they are positioned in subordinate roles in the drawing is slightly unsettling. perhaps we are to assume the bride is really asian, but because she’s the beautiful bride, she just looks prettier–i.e. whiter? is this what ivory soap does to your skin? given this is an advertisement for ivory soap, i am compelled to read this ad as “ivory is like asian rice on your skin, the finest of the orient.” muted beauty indeed.

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