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Hair vines, enchanting combs, and other lovelies March 3, 2009

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Given that I already have a cathedral-length veil to wear, I have to be careful about what else I choose to put in my hair– of course, I am all for festooning myself with all manner of lovely things, but a girl can’t wear everything at once.


A quick trip through Etsy made me eager to entwine my hair with fancy things.  Perhaps I’ll need something for the rehearsal dinner, and then for brunch the day after the wedding… for all wedding-weekend long.


From Esty seller Lulu Splendor.




From Etsy seller Miss Ruby Sue.  I’d like this one just for every day.



From Etsy seller Feathers and Frills.  This looks like little more than a simple piece of lace, perhaps with a ribbon at the back to tie it, but I love how beautiful it looks, without being over-done.



Also from Lulu Splendor.


I know more and more brides are going without a veil, or choosing other options: feathers, fascinators, hats, or fresh flowers.  I think definitely if we were still having a summer wedding, I would want to incorporate fresh flowers.  I wonder if the brides-ladies would like to wear something romantic and sparkly in their hair…


2 Responses to “Hair vines, enchanting combs, and other lovelies”

  1. Janet Says:

    interesting…lulu splendor says “cake toppers coming soon” maybe your cake topper can be something you get to wear to Sunday brunch!

  2. Maeve's mom Says:

    Oh my, that last one is breath-taking. Is that too fancy for the matron-of-honor to wear? I would love something so gorgeous in my hair, especially during the ceremony when everyone sees you from behind for so long. I’m going to her Etsy shop to browse/drool right now!

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