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Reusing is better than recycling February 10, 2009

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As Matt likes to remind me, because “reuse” comes before “recycling,” it’s even better.  My new ring is a delightful way of reusing– it’s an antique.  We don’t know exactly which year, but I think turn of the century.  It definitely reminds me of Edith Wharton, of Gatsby parties, of a grandmother’s jewelry box and dressing table.  We found it online, and it was owned by a small antique business in Idaho; when Matt called the woman to order it, she reassured him that she was going “straight to the bank” to get it out of the vault and mail it to us straightaway.  Ahh, I love that small town generosity in doing business.


I can no longer find a photo of it online, so I’ll try to describe it and post photos later.  The top, which sits on my hand, is made of four aquamarines, pale blue, which make a square shape.  A small diamond is in the center.  On the two sides of the setting, filagrees create a flower on each side, with swirls and tiny arches.  The filagree also goes along the bottom of the square, so it sits up on my finger.  It is very sparkly and delicate.


I love that it belonged to someone before me, and imagine maybe the parties and gatherings she attended with this ring.  How long did it sit in a jewelry box unused, waiting to sparkle again?  Who gave it to her, and for what occasion?


4 Responses to “Reusing is better than recycling”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Can I ask you where you looked to find antique and/or estate rings? A lot of my google searching turns up super fancy antique stores where things cost a million dollars. Did you just prowl ebay?

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I started at eBay, but was disappointed by how many “big box” sellers there were… so I eventually found Ruby Lane

    , which, as it turns out, is a collection of small, independent antique stores. Almost like an online version of a small antique mall, with lots of local sellers. I searched “ladies antique rings” and found pages and pages of beauties. The ring we eventually chose was from a very nice and small town dealer in Idaho, who was really lovely over the phone. So it was a great experience overall. And because Ruby Lane rates and provides documentation and “buyers” feedback, I could tell that we were dealing with a reputable dealer who had been selling for many years before we purchased, which was encouraging.

  3. Jan Says:

    Wouldn’t it just be so cool if you found a dress that way too? I have a friend who got her dress at a consignment store and then some one loaned her a veil, so her dress cost her less than $100 even with the special cleaning she had done. It was lovely and so was she. I like the gloves that go all the way up the arms. We used to play dress up in my Grandmother C’s wedding dress. It was a sack sort of dress with pearls all over it. I don’t know if there is a photo anywhere with her in it but I know I got too big to wear it before I was in high school. She was tiny like L.

    • girldogtorch Says:

      I would _love_ to find a dress like that. And my veil is borrowed, too! AND, I adore the long gloves and intend to find some. I think you should be my bridal consultant; we seem to think alike 🙂

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