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Beautiful beige January 27, 2009

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It might be these bright winter days with no snow, but lots of light that are making beige and “neutral” colors seem so appealing.

Look at these amazing tulle ball gowns for lights that Seeking Everyday Beauty made:


Here’s a close up:


And guess what they’re made of?


Old sewing patterns.  Beautiful, worn, patterned pieces of tissue.  One of my classmates last year used sewing patterns in her artwork, and in her senior thesis installation, which was a series of mixed-media paintings and writings that focused, in part, on a woman’s sense of self.  Patterns for women’s clothing are such a great medium to use for that kind of exploration.  But I’m loving the beige, the soft fullness, and all the possibilities– I imagine wrapping gifts with the patterns, and using pale colored ribbon to finish them off.


A simple Esty search for “beige” reaped more beautiful things:









I’m tempted to keep deep lapis as the dress color for the lady bridespeople, and accessorize them in all shades of creamy pale.


Ritzybee had an entire inspiration board around beige:


I adore the giant fabric flower on the shoulder of that gown.  I also think, with my basic sewing skills, I could make flowers like that from cheap cast-offs of pale, creamy fabric from fabric stores.  If they don’t turn out well enough to use for the wedding, I could still decorate little blank books, drawer pulls, and gifts with them.

PS: My friend Shelly contributed her ever-wise and dashing two cents to the question of registry inserts–go back to that post to read her comment.  We should all be so lucky as I am, to have someone as no-nonsense as her around to prick the faux-bubbles of constricting etiquette.


3 Responses to “Beautiful beige”

  1. maria Says:

    i’m trying to find the beige earrings in photo but i its thaousand of earrings if you put a simple word “beige” in can you help me with a more specific information pls?
    i want to wear them in my wedding

  2. maria Says:

    pls help me with beige!

  3. girldogtorch Says:

    Maria– I started looking for them again after you first posted– I’m so sorry, but I just can’t find them… I think perhaps they might have sold. I went through every single page of items with “beige” as a descriptor on Etsy, and some of the other earrings I’ve had links to have also sold since then. Surely, though, some fantastic Etsy artist is making more lovely things that will continue to inspire you.

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