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What would Edith wear? January 15, 2009

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I’m in the middle of a little dust-up on the Indiebride etiquette boards– I’ll share all tomorrow, and round up opinions on an apparently sticky subject.  But for tonight: one beautiful dress.


I really, really love how the fabric in the train is substantial, and I think the texture of the satin is gorgeous– really lush, and look at how the light creates shadows in the fabric folds.


From the back, we can see that the fabric that makes up the bustle appears to be rosy (“fawn-colored”), in contrast to the cream of the rest of the dress.




That is hand-done embroidery.  The dress was made in 1881.  Can you imagine?  It’s lasted so long.  I wonder if it longs for another woman to wear it again, to dance in it.  It’s for sale on Vintage Textile.  The woman who wore it originally was called Miss Custer.


One Response to “What would Edith wear?”

  1. Shelly Says:

    That dress is ridic beautiful.

    Mostly I’m writing, though, because I *definitely* want to hear about a dustup on the indiebride etiquette boards.

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