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Winter weddings December 30, 2008

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We’re officially in the process of moving our Summer 2009 wedding date back into Winter 2009 territory. We’re awaiting word from the church, and from the reception venue.  Hopefully, we can announce a new date soon.  And enjoy looking forward to the summer to settle in (if need be) to a new location, and looking forward to next fall for really focusing on getting ready for the wedding.

Images that caught my eye this morning, as I meandered around looking for inspiring winter whites:


This is a photograph from 1939– it really has nothing to do with winter, per se, but I love the formality.  And how unstoppable the bride looks.

From the wedding blog of Olivier Lalin.


Oh, veil.  How wonderful are the voluminousness and layering here?

From Wedding by Design.


I don’t think my church would let us do this, but I’m a-gog all the same.  What an easy way to create breathtaking-ness!  I’ve actually used this idea before, for lots of parties.  Once I made tiny branches as invitations, from old branches I found in a friend’s backyard.  I glued tiny paper leaves, and the party information was on a scrolled piece of paper that wound along the tree trunk.  Invitees each received a box, with a tiny tree inside.  I love branches– Matt often bemoans the giant one I have propped on top of  one of our bookcases in our entryway.  He claims it bumps into him. I claim it looks fabulous.



And finally, how jaw-droppingly gorgeous is this wedding photograph?!  Just amazing.

From the Wedding Gallery of the View Point Inn.


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