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Twill, Fireflies and Cottonwood October 5, 2008

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I have been thinking about what I will wear for the wedding. So far, my published thoughts on the matter have gone little farther than knowing I wouldn’t wear a flame shirt, guayabera or Hawaiian shirt. Stephanie posted some reflections on what I and my groom’s men might wear, but there hasn’t been nearly as much movement on this front as she might like. So, waking up on a grey and rainy morning in New York, I started thinking of wool and cotton, and here is some of what I have come up with:

I am really leaning towards wearing my kilt. I first got a kilt in my junior year of high school. My grandparents gave it to me for Christmas, and I believe I even wore it to school once. Anyway, my great grandfather had bought this kilt to have as a special thing to wear on a cruise when they were going to cross the equator. As I understand it, he had thought he was buying the Dunbar plaid, but the kilt he bought had the Bruce plaid, one of the most popular tartans. So the family significance isn’t in the tartan, but in the story, and the fact that it has been in the family for quite a while. My brother Andrew got married wearing this kilt — we had an exchange where he got the more family-significant kilt, and I got a brand-new kilt with the Dunbar tartan. He had his groom’s men wearing kilts (Chris and I wore matching Dunbar kilts, while his best man and brother-in-law wore rented kilts), and he wore a formal Prince Charlie Jacket (like the two bottom ones). I am not sure if what the rest of us were wearing were less fancy Prince Charlies (which I think) or were wearing Argyll (or Crail? I can’t figure out if there is any difference) jackets, like the two top ones. For me, I think I would prefer to wear an Argyll jacket and waistcoat, with a necktie. For colors, I would think a grey jacket would be best, with a green tie (maybe my Burns tie). I would think my groom’s men could wear kilts (my brothers may take that option) or grey pants with matching jackets and green neckties. That’s where I am right now. Any thoughts?

In my perigrinations around the web this morning, I also came across these pictures, which don’t exactly match my thoughts about fireflies and cottonwood, but are as close as I can find on Google images:


11 Responses to “Twill, Fireflies and Cottonwood”

  1. David Says:

    If you would like some information on wearing a kilt on your wedding day, then please visit my website at

    Using a Celtic theme for your wedding will ensure you will remember the day for the rest of your life.

    I wish you every success for the future.

    Kind Regards, David.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Correction: I wore an Argyll jacket at my wedding, the same as my groomsmen. The Prince Charlies are tailcoats. The Argyll is much like a sport jacket.

    I like the gray jacket idea. But I own a black Argyll jacket. I’m not sure I would want to buy another jacket — but I’m sure I could be convinced. Do you think there would be a place that would rent gray jackets?

    Also, would you like to wear great-grandpa’s kilt for the wedding? I could swap you. I think your kilt might be a little shorter than mine, but it shouldn’t be too far off.

    I’m excited that you’re leaning toward wearing the kilt!

  3. girldogtorch Says:

    Stephanie here–I think we’re talking dark grey. So I don’t think black is out of the question, because you’ll already “match” in a most major way. I know: I’m excited about the kilts, too. (Although tartan doesn’t especially match watermelon and rose petal…)

  4. girldogtorch Says:

    Matt here — The more I look at jackets, the more I think I would like to have a grey tweed jacket. I didn’t realize Andrew’s jacket was an Argyll — I guess my memory is stocked more with the smart blackness of it and the silver buttons than with the cut.

  5. Andrew Says:

    Yes, my buttons were square and shiny. That’s true. As I look closely at the photos you posted here, the models are all wearing vests. We didn’t wear vests, and we wore bowties. I like the green necktie idea, though.

  6. Maeve's mom Says:

    Just curious how all this tartan will look with the two pinks in the bridesmaids’ dresses. I do think they grey jackets and green ties could be quite nice with pink. Also my (idiot) husband wants to know if he can wear a kilt as a guest. Someone please tell me that etiquette would say no! I don’t think he would look good in a kilt. 🙂

  7. girldogtorch Says:

    Ha! I was thinking about the pinks, too. But I just think–what do Scottish brides do, or brides in the British Isles whose grooms where their kilts? I’m just “ignoring” the tartan stylistically, just as I would ignore the green carpeting at Emmanuel.

    I don’t know about Mike, but how cute would little Braden look in a tiny kilt!!??!!

  8. Maeve's mom Says:

    Please, Braden still cries when I ask him if he wants to be in the wedding. Can you imagine if I tell him he has to wear a kilt (skirt to a 4-year old)? I figure he’ll have gotten used to the wedding idea by next summer, or I’ll bribe him, or threaten him.

  9. girldogtorch Says:

    Oh, dear! Poor dear–he doesn’t _have_ to be in the wedding. He can just sit with Mike. And be photographed, because he’s so darn gorgeous.

  10. Maeve's mom Says:

    Braden cannot just sit with Mike. He goes to Emmanuel every week, does the little churches, walks around. He can manage to walk up the aisle for you wedding. Plus, that way our whole family is dressed up and pretty, maybe I can get someone to take our picture. 😉 He’ll be fine with it by next summer; he’s in a drama queen phase right now.

  11. girldogtorch Says:

    I was wondering if he did the little churches! Okay, you’re right–he should be fine. And oh yes, we can make a R. family portrait one of the “must shots” for the photographer–before the ceremony, even, while everyone’s fresh.

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