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Things to do in St. Louis: The Zoo September 30, 2008

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“St. Louis has a wonderful Zoo, and it is free!” Really, that should be enough, I would think. But there is so much more. That Zoo has so many memories for me. Along with Union Station, Busch Stadium and the Arch, it was one of the places actually in St. Louis, where my family would go when we came to visit my grandparents in St. Charles. I remember the big concrete block “ZOO” sign at the entrance, and all of the pictures we took there. When you went in, you could always hear the raucous sea lions in the long pool down the middle of the zoo. The smells of the reptile house, the long loops around the antelope enclosures, running hither and yon… you couldn’t pick too many places in St. Louis now as redolent in happy memories as the Zoo. And it’s free. Check it out.


2 Responses to “Things to do in St. Louis: The Zoo”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I remember that block lettering. And I’m sure I have memories of the zoo, but they are indistinct. I’m not sure which memories are St. Louis Zoo memories and which ones are other zoo memories. (What other zoos did we go to?)

  2. girldogtorch Says:

    As a kid, I remember going to Cleveland Zoo, the National Zoo, the St. Louis Zoo, Busch Gardens and the Lowry Park Zoo. The St. Louis Zoo and Busch Gardens are the only ones I really have clear memories of, because we went there pretty often. I remember liking the Cleveland Zoo, and thinking there was a lot of walking around in between animals there. I remember the koalas at the National Zoo, and the painted animal footprints on the walkways. Lowry Park I just remember being the most depressing place on the face of the Earth.

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