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The flowers! September 30, 2008

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I am full of delicious sighs for these images.  Oh, the organic feel of the wrappings that surround these bouquets!  Oh, the lushness!  Maybe I should just carry a bouquet every day, and get it out of my system…

What _is_ this whirliwind wooden bark that makes up the container?  It looks Elven…


Artichokes!  Inventive and appealing.


These are the flowers I dream about. Half-awake I only remember pink and wild green.  Finally someone has captured them…


_Woven_ ribbons and rags. How Medieval and other-worldly is this?  


All images from Style Me Pretty, designed by Laura Dowling of Interieurs et Fleurs.


2 Responses to “The flowers!”

  1. girldogtorch Says:

    Matt here — My favorites are the ones with the woven rags or ribbons. I like that look. The others look interesting, but I am not as convinced that I would want them as centerpieces.

  2. Jan Says:

    I love the ribbon wrapped ones. Wouldn’t it be cool if the flowers carried by the bridal party became the center pieces? Interesting thought.

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