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Things to do in St. Louis: City Museum September 27, 2008

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I have been to City Museum three or four times now. It really is an amazing place. First off: get the word “museum” out of your head. It is more a menagerie than a staid “museum.” Strange modern art installations double as jungle gyms, strange jungle gyms double as modern art installations, trippy tile mosaics, plaster gargoyles and icons, and gunite grottos litter the first few floors. Upstairs, there are various exhibits of curiosities of St. Louis history, including things pulled out of old-fashioned privies, photos and relics of demolished buildings, and whatever memorabilia the owners collected. There is also a circus, of course. If you have elementary-aged children, especially, this is a fun thing to go and do-the jungle gyms are amazing.


3 Responses to “Things to do in St. Louis: City Museum”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Loved the City Musuem. The giant postmodern jungle-gym, the opera posters, the architectural salvage — it was all so random and interesting. Not staid at all. (Nothing against museums — I like museums.)

  2. girldogtorch Says:

    I like museums, too. I am all about them. I used to go and visit the St. Louis Art Museum to relax after hard days at L’Ouverture, and I have fond memories of the old Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The City Museum, though, is its own beast. Very different.

  3. girldogtorch Says:

    Stephanie here: The other thing Matt didn’t mention is that most everything in and of the City Museum is recycled/reclaimed from other St. Louis buildings. There is a slide made from old factory rollers, the inside staircase is from the old City Hospital, and fabric strips creating a collage in one of the ceilings comes from fiberglass projects from Boeing. One collage is lizards and snakes made of old watch bands from a leather watch band factory. It’s amazing to see how old things become new things.

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