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Oh, loveliness September 24, 2008

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As I’ve written before, my ideas for wedding flowers, decorations, and general sensibilities lean toward the overblown and old-fashioned.  My anti-bouquet would be a tightly packed sphere of single-colored gerbera daisies.  Too modern, too simple, too monochromatic.


(a little inspiration board I just whipped up)

in contrast with this:

(Pretty, but not me.)



Well–happy day for me when I found Seeking Everyday Beauty and her corresponding shop, One Hundred Wishes.  Smitten!  

Here is ribbon I could use to wrap the bridesmaids’ bouquets:

Here are velveteen flowers I could add anywhere (hair, bouquets, guestbook, attached to old-fashioned pocketbooks…)

Here is a bracelet that could re-inspire my whole idea of dress, hair, and accessories:

I mean–this shop includes an ENTIRE category called “Cupcake Trinkets,” with darlings such as:

I’m in loveliness overload.  Vintage china, old jewelry, refashioned pincushions, patterns in pastel, glitter, finery.  I love all of it.  So, while places like the Knot might feature monochromatic weddings, preppy weddings, and modern looks for modern brides, I’ll be returning to Seeking Everyday Beauty for fruit for my brainstorming.


4 Responses to “Oh, loveliness”

  1. Jan Says:

    Loveliness overload. I like that. Marilea had a tightly bound bouquet of flowers, but her mother grew them. I think that made it different from flowers put together by a florist shop. I like the idea of something totally different, a dangle of flowers, or a basket that looks like you were just out in your garden gathering flowers. Also something that you could keep afterwards (or that the person who “caught the bouquet” could keep) is a cool idea. I like the way your mind is wandering. Loveliness overload makes me think of the times you have stumbled on a gorgeous garden or come upon a beautiful sunset. It is just so awesome you can hardly stand it.

  2. so glad you found some inspiration! Have fun planning your wedding! Congtratulations!!

  3. girldogtorch Says:

    Yes, flowers grown by the bride’s mother is ultimately romantic, and supersedes other design features. How lovely.

    A bride I read about recently had her bouquet made into “mini-bouquets” so that when she tossed it, it broke into several bouquets–how cool is that? And what a surprise to everyone catching the flowers.

  4. Shelly Says:

    Yes, “loveliness overload” is a wonderful theme! It sounds so Anne of Green Gables.

    And yes for frills! Yes for fancy! In fact, I think Anne would LOVE your wedding and inspirations.

    I also went to a sweet wedding where the flowers were grown by the bride’s mother (who owned a nursery, where the wedding was held) – they were all dahlias, multicolored, but in an expansive, lavish way, not a stark modern way. She decided that her colors were basically all the jewel tones, a rainbow, and that was reflected in many huge geometric paper stars, bridesmaids who were just given a color and allowed to pick their own way of doing that up fancy, and it was beautiful.

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