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Things to do in St. Louis: Crown Candy Kitchen September 21, 2008

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We have chosen to have our wedding in St. Louis. It is the city where we fell in love, and it is a city of deep meaning for both of us. We both have family in the St. Louis area, and we both have dear friends who still live there. But, a large chunk of the people we are inviting will be coming from out of town. So, we want to make sure we can show off some of what makes the city special for us. In picking Emmanuel Episcopal Church for the ceremony, and the Schlafly Tap Room for the reception, we have already highlighted a couple of our favorite places. In this series of posts, which will be intermittent from now until July, we’ll highlight some others.

The first place I thought of, when I thought of this list, was Crown Candy Kitchen. Our wedding will be in July, and July in St. Louis is hot and sticky. For many people, the place to go to get something cold in St. Louis in the summer is Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard. That’s the most famous one. Shamefully enough, though, I never made it to Ted Drewe’s in my years in St. Louis. The Crown Candy Kitchen, though, is an even older landmark, and you actually can get in out of the heat and sit and enjoy their confections. They have wonderful ice cream, malts, and chocolate candies, and they serve cheap diner-type lunch and dinner. The neighborhood isn’t the greatest, but the food can’t be recommended strongly enough.


3 Responses to “Things to do in St. Louis: Crown Candy Kitchen”

  1. girldogtorch Says:

    Stephanie here–adding that this place is _amazing_. They make their hot fudge _in house_, and warn that people with dentures should be careful with it. They also have solid chocolate turkeys, rabbits, crosses, Santa Clauses–solid chocolate for every holiday, and chocolate-dipped oreos… And they’ve been in the same location since 1913! Yummy St. Louis history. Yes, we shall definitely make this one of the wedding stops—plus the neighborhood, Old North St. Louis, has amazing architecture and homes–mostly Richardsonian Romananesque. We can feed our minds and our sweet tooths…

    • Chris Says:

      i know this is a super old post, but i remembered reading it when i saw an episode of Man vs. Food on the travel channel this weekend, which was shot in St. Louis. the premise of the show is that he travels to various cities and takes on various food challenges (finish a 72 oz steak and get a t-shirt, eat 12 atomic hot wings and get your name on a plaque, etc.), but he always visits several landmark establishments in each stop and essentially dotes on how great they are (sorta like Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins, but without the obnoxious dude from the TGI Friday’s commercials). Anyway, so among the places they went in St. Louis was Crown Candy Kitchen (although they did throw a nod to Ted Drewe’s). He tried to eat 5 malts in a 1/2 and hour or something like that, and failed, but they talked all about the place and how they make their malts and whatnot.

      Not sure if this is the place for me, since dairy and I aren’t exactly friends (although i HAVE been to Ted Drewe’s), but I thought i’d share that i saw it on TV. They also featured Pappy’s Barbeque and Iron Barley. That might have been it.

      Anyway, just thought I’d share.

      • girldogtorch Says:

        They also have amazing chocolates and other candies made in-store. We actually saw that episode, too, and really enjoyed it.

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