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Oh, the gowns September 1, 2008

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My friends are beautiful.  

And I love, love, love these dresses. If my back hadn’t been hurting, I would have been trying them on, too.  


Last week, I met with three of my ten bridespeople to try on gowns.  The three dresses we chose, in the two colors, are in the previous post.  One dress has simple straps, and ruching around the bodice.  The skirt is narrow, but still flattering.  We thought we should have one option that wasn’t strapless.  The second dress was the first we noticed (in olive) and tried on (in brown).  It has a fuller skirt, and splits at the chest to reveal a small frontispiece with embroidery and beadwork.  This detail, and the fullness of the skirt, make it a really beautiful gown.  The third dress is also full-length, and relatively simple.  The fabric sweeps to one side in a curve that ends at the foot of the gown; to one side, the fabric is pinned with a vintage-inspired brooch.

The dress on the left, in Watermelon, is one of our final picks.  We considered the pink and grey combination for a while, but later realized that ivory didn’t go with grey.

My three dear friends–and they happen to be in the three dress styles that we ended up choosing.

On the tuffets.

We haven’t gotten to shoes yet…


One Response to “Oh, the gowns”

  1. Maeve's mom Says:

    I had no idea that shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses could be so much fun. I could do that again, and again. I’m so happy we got to do that and that you found such lovely dresses.

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