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Cakes! August 19, 2008

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First of all, I’m really, really leaning to pinks right now.  Maybe because the weather is so fresh, maybe because it’s so romantic, or maybe because I keep seeing so many beautiful images, like this one.

Those flowers!  Oh, peonies.  And how beautiful are her freckles!  Strangely, it’s odd to see models with freckles, but she is so beautiful.  (Image from Style Me Pretty.)
And: cakes.  I actually haven’t ever had _really delicious_ wedding cake.  Many cakes now use fondant instead of traditional frosting–and although fondant can be rolled into beautiful, flat, mold-able shapes, it doesn’t taste good.  Cookbooks advise that it is an “acquired taste,” and warn that not all guests will like it.  We’re all for the butter and sugar–bring on the traditional frosting!

Cakes that make me sigh happily:

(Picture this with pink or cream flowers instead of red.  Chocolate!  We could have fresh, cold milk, too.)


Oh, pretty.  Like grown-up tea party favors.


So royal and proper!


And, what about several cakes, a cluster of yum?

(All cakes from Martha


One Response to “Cakes!”

  1. Jan Says:

    I like the chocolate and red with a bright pink it would look just as good.

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