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Suits and such August 7, 2008

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For a consideration of what the groom and his folk could wear:










Kilts!  But I don’t like the black shirt, black tie, black jacket look.  Too boys’ school gone bad. (From Scottish Shop and Kilt Hire.)








More traditional, and this looks like what Matt already has, or would have. (From Linda Clifford Scottish and Irish Merchants.)











Nice cream-colored suit.  I’d like a darker tie to keep it from looking Easter-y.  This would be good for a hot July in St. Louis. (Inspiration board from Style Me Pretty, including image from







































Another cream-colored one…and I think all the guys in the party look nice and crisp. (Real wedding inspiration board from Style Me Pretty.)




























































































A pretty standard suit, but I think he looks appropriately formal and nice.  And I love their shoes! (Real wedding inspiration board from Style Me Pretty.)

Of course, he has an entire year to decide.  Just because I found my dress right already doesn’t mean I need to know what he’s wearing right away


3 Responses to “Suits and such”

  1. Andrew Says:

    A kilt is still possible? Cool. All the kilt photos you’ve shown here have the lads in Prince Charlies, which are short tailcoats with vests. At our wedding, the guys wore Argyll jackets, which is more like a blazer. I recommend it over the Prince Charlie, myself. (Plus, I have one.)

  2. Matt Says:

    I think all cards are on the table. My inclination is to not have uniformity across my groomsmen. Maybe we will all have the same tie, or something like that. So, if I choose to wear a kilt, it wouldn’t require all of my guys to rent kilts. As I have said before, the flame shirt is out, but that is as far as I have really gotten.

  3. […] farther than knowing I wouldn’t wear a flame shirt, guayabera or Hawaiian shirt. Stephanie posted some reflections on what I and my groom’s men might wear, but there hasn’t been nearly […]

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