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The bridespeople August 6, 2008

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I will have nine bridespeople, if my one last friend says “yes.”  “Bridespeople” because one is a guy, my best friend from college, Nick.  I work with him at VTS, and technically he’s my boss, but there’s also no one better to stand up with my at my wedding.  Well, not quite exactly, “no one.”  Eight others.

After Matt gets all of his people lined up, we’ll do a “Meet the Wedding Folk,” with photos and mini-bios.  For now, though, I’m thinking about what my side should wear.

I had been thinking casual, but my dress makes things a bit more formal.  I don’t want things to be too expensive–my friend J. is spending $700 for a wedding next weekend, including $200 for her bridesmaids dress. That’s too much, especially if people are flying in.

I was happy to find a site that had more affordable dresses.

The dress is shown in brown with white trim, but the website allows you to try out different colors.  I’m really loving the pale pinks, creams, and grays.  I’m going to order some fabric swatches from them and see what it looks like in person.  I did some searching, and it looks like these dresses are around seventy dollars–much more affordable, I think.

In the wedding J. is participating in, the bride chose two colors, and some girls are in each color.  Sometimes brides pick the color, and allow each girl to choose the dress she likes best in that shade (from the same designer.)  Those are interesting ideas.  I wonder what it would be like to pick pale pink and cream, and have the flowers be darker shades of pink, or bright white.

PS: That site allows you to change the colors and immediately the photo changes, instant-gratification.  It’s a great procrastination fun-tool.


3 Responses to “The bridespeople”

  1. Jan Says:

    I assume Nick won’t be wearing one of these dresses. Will he wear what the grooms people are wearing? Will Matt’s side be all guys? I know he has some really good friends that happen to be girls. An interesting concept, I know of someone whose best man was a woman but I have never heard of a bridesmaid that was a guy. These are just all such cool changes it what can be. If we could have just had wedding people maybe we would have had a smaller wedding party because we could have just kept with close family and best friends. We scrambled to have enough guys for all the girls. I don’t know about any of my bridesmaids, but I would have loved to wear a tux at someone’s wedding, not that I was in that many.

  2. girldogtorch Says:

    Matt hasn’t decided what _he_ wants to wear. If he wears the kilt, the guys could wear kilts or tuxes. Otherwise, it could be a gray or camel-colored suit–and then the ties would be matchy. The co-founder of our company joked that if anyone could pull off an off-the-shoulder seafoam green dress, it would be Nick. But I think he’ll be fine with a shirt or tie that matches us. You would have looked great in a tux (and you can still wear one, you know 😉

  3. Maeve's mom Says:

    Ok, I just spent my lunch break messing around with different bridesmaid dress color combos. I can’t wait to see what you pick. For the record, I love it when brides specify a color and manufacturer and then let the ladies all pick a dress they like and feel good in. Nick will keep us all from looking exactly alike anyway, so I think it’s definitely something to consider. Just my two cents, but you had to know you’d be getting it. I miss you!

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