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Wedding decorations June 22, 2008

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Our friends Jeremy and Sara Jane are getting married next Saturday.  They’re an incredible, gifted, kind and extraordinary couple. 

(Their wedding website here: )

They wanted decorations that were more home-made and heartfelt than expensive and consumer-ey.  Sare Jane has an MFA in printmaking and paper design, though, so they also wanted them to look good, and original. 

Early in her wedding planning, hearts became a major theme.  We struck upon the idea of stringing “garlands” of paper hearts, feet and feet of them, and hanging them from the ceiling of the oh-so-formal social hall here at Union.  They could puddle in graceful puddles on the floor, or arch from chandelier to chandelier.  I also suggested we could make enormous, whimsical but elegant, tissue paper flowers.  So each high window will have a tissue paper flower hanging in it, and they will also hang from the real trees in the Quadrangle.

We’ve been cutting paper hearts for weeks now, and last night we began stringing them.  They are so lovely!  And unexpectedly lush–really good looking.  I can’t wait to start hanging them before the wedding.

I told Sara Jane yesterday that this is the way a wedding is supposed to be–not paying eighty dollars a stem for true-blue hydrangeas flown overnight from Chile…but with the hands and help of a community.  For how many years have communities of women, ladies, grandmothers, aunts and maiden girlfriends gathered to bat lace, collect extra punch bowls, gather taffeta and bake merengue for the weddings of their loved ones?  This is the way it is supposed to be.


2 Responses to “Wedding decorations”

  1. girldogtorch Says:

    It has been very good to be participating in their wedding. It has been such a good energy–not just from them, but from all the other great people in the community, who are also helping them out.

  2. Jan Says:

    I visited their website. Cool. Too bad the two family weddings we have this summer haven’t been this communicative about what, where, when, and how.

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