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Music June 4, 2008

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There is much about the upcoming wedding where I don’t have strong feelings. Stephanie mentioned to me the other day, almost perplexed, that I hadn’t said anything much about what I would want to wear.  I think that all I have ruled out is the possibility of getting married in a Hawaiian shirt (which implicitly also means I won’t be wearing my polyester shirt with flames on it):

I have no real affinity or aversion to either getting married in a tuxedo or in a guayabera and boat shoes. I might go for the kilt and Scottish jacket, or just a reasonable dark suit. I don’t know.

In other areas, I am sure that I don’t want a groom’s cake (I’m vaguely offended by the idea), I want the reception to be somewhere everyone can have a good time, and I want the service to reflect our belief in a wedding as a sacrament and a covenant in the presence of the community. I want it all to be good and happy, but I want to acknowledge that the day is most important for pointing back to the past that created both of us and for pointing forward to the life we will live together in faith and in our community of friends and family.

But none of that is really the point of this post. I have been thinking about music. I have a pet idea that I have been nurturing: I don’t really want to pay for a DJ. I don’t want a smarmy guy with laminated sheets of generic party music. I feel like we could assemble all the music we would want or need from iTunes, have volunteers staff the playlist in shifts, and spend the evening enjoying music that we like. What if we asked all of the married people coming to the wedding what music they remember liking from their wedding? (What were their spotlight dance songs? What made them smile when they were newly married?) What if we asked all the unmarried people what music they would like to hear at a celebration? We could assemble all of that, and sequence it a bit, and have something that I think would be special.


3 Responses to “Music”

  1. girldogtorch Says:

    Awww. But the flame shirt was the one you were wearing on Fat Tuesday, at the HiPoint lounge, at a table of friends…when I looked down the table and suddenly saw you in a new light, as in, “Hm. He’s…I could _like_ him.”

  2. Andrew Says:

    Well, perhaps you know that “our song” at the wedding was “Goodnight, Irene.” Music was very important for us. We paid for the string band, we paid for a bag piper, and we offered our musician friends honorariums for playing. I think it made a big difference, to have all that live music. But it was a choice that was appropriate for us.

    I think an iPod would be a grand way of going about it. Or, more likely, a laptop. People could create shuffles for the wedding, or contribute songs. People could take turns “being DJ.” But you might want to ask somebody to be the emcee. We had an emcee at our wedding reception to do the traditional announcements, introduce speakers, etc.

    But if you have a do-it-yourself DJ, you might want to rent/borrow some equipment: a PA and maybe a sound board. My friend M.F., who lives in St. Louis, might be able to help you with that.

  3. […] my published thoughts on the matter have gone little farther than knowing I wouldn’t wear a flame shirt, guayabera or Hawaiian shirt. Stephanie posted some reflections on what I and my groom’s men […]

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