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On Canadian Stoneware May 26, 2008

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We have been working at a leisurely pace so far, stopping by different places where we might want to register, talking about all of the little accoutrements of shared living. What cups do we like? What forks do we like? Spoons? What color plates? It’s odd, because it all seems so trivial, but these domestic artifacts will always be there as we live our lives.  People like meanings. We like adding symbolic or emotional significance to things. You have something in your kitchen for long enough, you will probably build some emotional attachment to it. This is even more pronounced when there is something significant about how you got it. Like, for instance, as a wedding gift.

Among the most prized kitchenwares in my family are the mugs, goblets, platters and bowls we have gotten from Don Dubois Pottery in Wiarton, ON. I remember reading an old newspaper item from the local paper, about how he had moved out to Wiarton from the city (presumably Toronto)  to open his studio with a view of Colpoys Bay. The studio is the ground floor of his house, with a basic showroom, smelling of hardwood and wet clay. The pottery is displayed on small wooden shelves or laid out in crates floored with rounded pebbles. My family has been buying pottery at Dubois’ shop for at least fifteen years. Dubois stoneware goblets and coffee mugs are comforting features of family gatherings at my parents’ house, my grandmother’s house, the cottage in Canada, and now my apartment. The heft of the stoneware vessels, the colorful glazes (smooth on the inside, rougher on the outside)… they mean family, rootedness, and comfort.


2 Responses to “On Canadian Stoneware”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I’m sure there are plenty of family who would be happy to get you a DuBois piece or two. So how do you communicate what you want? And how do you avoid duplication? (Or do you just not worry about it?)

  2. Jan Says:

    I think you put one family member in charge and give them a list and then everyone else lets them know. Although I think when we talked to DuBois for Andrew they said they would keep track. I think the other thing is those pieces are art and if you have duplications you display them until you need to add them to your place settings because something broke. You could also find out what K has in her stash.

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