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Bodanna, definitely. And Corelle as well? May 25, 2008

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We’ve long decided on what kind of dishes/china we’d want.  There’s an amazing ceramics studio in town, called Bodanna–all of the pieces are made by NYC Public School students, as part of an apprenticeship program.  100% of the profits go back the the program, and the students.  It’s pretty amazing, especially when you see just how beautiful the pieces are.  We love the idea of students having made our dishes, and all of the profits going back into the program.  We also like that the style of the pottery goes along with the mugs and wine glasses Matt already has from Canada.

I have been thinking about plain white dishes, though.  I like old dishes, the kind you see in stacks in antique stores.  I like mismatched patterns, flowers, castles, maps of states.  Having a small set of plain white dishes would allow me to play with table settings, and mix and match to my heart’s content.

After some research, I’ve found that good old Corellereally is known as the most unbreakable.  It’s interesting to read the history of Corelle on their website.  It’s not “good” china, and I’ve never seen it in a department store, but it seems like many of the real women I’ve known growing up actually had it.  I’ve seen polls on bridal websites, asking brides which china their aunts, mothers, and grandmothers had, that has lasted the longest, and it’s often Corelle–which is nice, because Corelle is always marketed as an “everyday” china option.

They certainly do have nice, crisp, plain white dishes.  But of course my little eye is drawn immediately to the patterns, and to the “Hearthstone” line, which has designs that again match the dishes we like at Bodanna, and the Candian style of hand-thrown pottery.  So maybe I don’t need white dishes.  Or maybe I need white, and all of the ones I’ve already mentioned.  I think the next step would be to look at shelving options to hold all the china I think I need.


One Response to “Bodanna, definitely. And Corelle as well?”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I like the Bodanna. It looks like it’s pretty useful, too. We got Longaberger dishes (used to be made in USA, but now in China) and they’re great for everyday. I’d think, given that you’re living in NYC and you don’t know where you might end up, you probably want to streamline and get a nice useful set that is flexible.

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