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Pretty, pretty things May 8, 2008

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An Inspiration Board is a collection of images, photographs, colors, or icons that are meant to inspire and set a theme for the entire wedding.  I love images and photographs, so I am sort of addicted to these Boards.  Style Me Pretty is full of them; both the editor of the blog and her readers create them to share and inspire.  I think I will eventually make my own, but for now, here are a few of my favorites.







Tara Guerard


Green is in the air–the ring, our love of Farmers’ Markets, Matt’s veggie-ism, branches, cottonwood, fireflies…these seem to surround the idea of our wedding with natural things. 

One of my most enduring ideas from undergrad is, also, the Green World.  It is the place in comedy where things can be transformed.  Picture the forest in _A Midsummer Night’s Dream_–it is in the forest, away from Athens (the world of reason, order, and law) that magic happens, wishes can be discovered, loves and lives transformed.  All can be made new again.  In every comedy, a Green World exists.  I used to joke with my English major classmates that we, studying literature in an old house and garden on campus, were living in a Green World ourselves.  It’s no coincidence, of course, that weddings also frequent comedies.

(All Boards from Style Me Pretty.  Names indicate the names of the boards, sometimes tied to the women who created them or for whom they were created.)


One Response to “Pretty, pretty things”

  1. martha wade Says:

    I am finishing a paper with my research group on going green, so naturally, your wedding comments reeled me in. I really should get back to my paper, but I couldn’t resist browsing through your blog. I entered a world of enchantment and realize I must be related to a creature that is not of this world. Could you send me just a few of your brain cells, please? I love seeing the world through your lenses! Looking forward to sharing your magical experiences, with all my heart, Auntie M

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