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July 11th, 2009? May 7, 2008

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Well.  April 11th, 2009, was looking like the perfect date.  It falls before Matt’s Spring Break, and he has the Thursday and Friday immediately preceding the 11th off, too.  But as I was figuring dates and fees with venues this afternoon, something in my mind said, “Hmm.  When is Easter 2009?”  Turns out, it’s that weekend. 

Matt doesn’t get out of school until the last week in June (this year and next), and the first week in July is July 4th weekend.  Which I wouldn’t necessarily mind (sparklers!), but travel would be so much more expensive.  So we’re considering the next week, which is July 11th.  Any thoughts? 

Also, we’re starting to get the reception venue ironed out.  It’s still between the Tea House, the Tap Room, and the Bevo Mill; I have precise price quotes from all three, and we’ve compared menus.  It may still come down to affordability, but all three are nice in various ways.  I have to say, though, that the Tea House ladies are the sweetest ever.  The snail mailed me actual photographs of the rose arbor and the tent, so I could see if for myself and “carry the photos around in my purse,” to share with my girlfriends.  How sweet is that?  And everyone is very accommodating about helping us figure out the veggie entree option, so it’s been fun, and the only stress was last week when I suddenly felt pressured to commit. 

So all is going well.  If this date becomes us, as it were, then I think we can settle on a venue.  And then a photographer.  And pretty soon, we should have engagement photos to share. 


2 Responses to “July 11th, 2009?”

  1. Jan Says:

    We would have no problems with Easter weekend. It might simplify flower requirements. But if you both decide July 11th is best, then go for it. I like the Tap Room best, although Miss Aimee B’s looks cute. Outdoors in July could be pretty uncomfortable in Missouri.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Easter is not an insurmountable date for us (often conjoins school vacation week, which is a bonus). But July would work just as well. July would be hotter in the Lou, as you know.

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