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Colors May 1, 2008

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Okay: I love colors.  One of the early wedding decisions is apparently: “What are your colors?”  As in: what will be the underlying theme, the color of the bridesmaids dresses, the flowers…

Well, I have _lots_ of color ideas.  I’m inspired by green, a la the ring.  I love love love pink.  I love yellow, and the idea of yellow and green, but also yellow and green and pink together.  With white.  And purple?

One idea would be to have the female members of the bridal party (I also have some male members, which also complicates the color issue) where cute black dresses, in which they would look and feel fabulous.  But black dresses for spring?  And rainbow bouquets?  Hmm.  My floormate Kelsey had a good idea: let them carry white bouquets, and I’ll carry all the colors.

And I loved the idea Matt’s mom had, describing her favorite bridesmaid’s outfit: a skirt, blouse, and cameo–what a great idea, to use beautiful clothes that can be worn again.  Here is an idea for the bridesmaids:

Kicky green party dresses, channeling perhaps Audrey Hepburn in those old romantic comedies?  And a vintage-inspired sweater–because not everyone feels comfortable with bare arms.  Maybe the black button on the sweater could be replaced with antique buttons from a thrift store.  The best part?  Both of these are from Target!  Affordable, wearable, sweet.

Okay: flower colors.  And I love them all.

And I love those flowers, but that gives no easy answer for “What are your colors?”  Can I answer: “All of them?” 

(Clothes from Isaac Mizrahi for Target; flowers from


2 Responses to “Colors”

  1. Jan Says:

    I like the idea of a reusable dress and the sweater is sweet. We were at a wedding recently where the brides colors were black and white. It was lovely. The bridesmaids all had different black dresses and carried white flowers and the bride had a bouquet of all sorts of colors. It really was stunning.

    Do you have a place yet? Blair and Marilea and Tom and Mya had hard times finding what they wanted and where they a place determined their date. Finding a place was also why they waiting a year from when they decided. Of course I don’t think either couple is getting married in a church. I think they are both doing outdoor weddings.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Hmm. I think I’m a couple posts behind. I say the more colors, the better. Several times I’ve seen the combination of black bridal dresses with multi-color bouquets. I’ve loved it every time. Very classy. Besides, who doesn’t look good in black? A trend I miss and wish had been used more often is chocolate. A good friend of mine is using chocolate and a darker shade of sage. I’m excited to see all the pieces together. It’s so rich and organic.

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