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Not just Crane’s anymore April 24, 2008

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I love invitations of all kinds. I love paper, trimmings, ribbon, lettering, different fonts, envelopes, making little packages and mailing them off…  One of my favorite invitations I ever made was for a “Green World” party (the Green World is the place in comedy outside of the “real world,” like the forest in Midsummer Night’s Dream, where revelations and transformations can happen).  I took tiny tree branches (that looked like small trees) and glued tiny green paper leaves onto the branches.  Then I took a long strip of white paper, and wrote out the invitation details, and then wound the paper around the bottom trunk of the tree.  Each tree went into a tiny box; recipients didn’t just receive a party invitation; they received an entire tiny tree.

Looking for wedding invitations has been one of my favorite “things to do.”  There are so many out there!  I think I may end up making my own; I have lots of ideas for collage, pattern, and how they could look.  But here are ten of my favorite.  All are from Etsy, the designers’ names are above the invitation.  Any favorites? 












One Response to “Not just Crane’s anymore”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I like the crescent moon. I like the invited ink. I like the whimsical prints. But, you mention Crane’s. Have you considered Crane & Co.?

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