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The ring April 19, 2008

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The ring is green.  When I first opened the box (the box said “open me!”), I saw the flash of green, and immediately snapped the box shut.  I was delighted, suprised, overwhelmed… I opened the box, took another peek, and snapped it shut, looking at Matt.  It was so deeply green, so sparkly.

It’s also unlike anything I would have chosen for myself, which is so totally delightful.  I have to admit that after Matt asked me my ring size, I wondered if I should tell him what kind of ring I would like.  I asked colleagues, my mom and sister, girlfriends: “Should I tell him what I would like?”  They all said, “Yes, tell him what you like, it’s too important.”  My mom even suggested I put a ring on my Amazon wishlist.  !  But…  I really did want it to be a suprise.  I liked the idea of Matt choosing something, of it being a true gift.  That’s the fun and delight of all gift-giving, of Christmas and birthday packages shipped through the mail: choosing something for someone, and it being a surprise. 

I’m so happy I let it be a surprise, that I didn’t give input or “micro manage” that part of the courtship/engagement.  He knew how I felt about diamonds, but that was all.  I wouldn’t have chosen an emerald for myself, or white gold–somehow I think I would have picked red or pink, and yellow gold.  The really perfectly lovely thing is that even though I had no idea in the world that this is what my engagement ring would look like, it’s _perfect_.  I love it, love looking at it, showing it off, gazing at it…it’s so _me_, and so elegant, graceful, romantic.  Oh, it’s good.

The ring is from GreenKarat, which recycles jewelry and metals, and has ecologically responsible and worker-friendly work practices. 

What a perfect start to the engagement.  Later, I felt that Matt should also have a special engagement present, and got him the green iPod shuffle.  It was the culmination of a series of green treats: fancy pistachios for him to take to work, special chocolates in green wrapping, organic green jasmine tea…and last in the row of little gifts was the iPod.  He was so surprised!

And now, I’m letting green influence my ideas about wedding decorations, flowers, cakes… more ideas soon!


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