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Welcome to our happy planning! April 12, 2008

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It began in Montauk.  Well…the engagement began in Montauk.  The courtship began in St. Louis, and hopefully we’ll return there sometime next year to begin again, to begin our marriage.

According to all of the “official” to do lists (which give a month by month countdown, in fold out pages, pastel and checkboxed), we don’t have anything pressing to do except for “enjoy our engagement.”

And: we have been.  Tonight we had Thai food at Limeleaf after longish weeks and caught up, daydreamed, and shared some passion-fruit salad (spicy!).  Then I got Pinkberry, Matt got HagenDaas, and we’re happily home, ready to have another weekend together.

In the near future: engagement photos and choosing a date.


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